Welcome to Emudroid!  Ever wanted to play classic game systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Atari 2600, Sega Genesis (Master System), or even the Sony PlayStation (PSOne)?  Over time even if you have or had these systems it's inevitable that the hardware will fail so what options does that leave you? The answer is 'Emulation'.

 What is 'Emulation', you may have asked yourself. Quite simply it just a way for you to play all classic and retro games on modern hardware like your phone, tablet, chromecast, or any other Android device. Emulators open up a world of gaming and retro computing to everyone. Emulation is basically a program that emulates or pretends to be a specific hardware so that we can use certain files and games for a certain system. In essence it makes your device pretend to be a game system and or computer.

 Games get a new lease on life and introduced to a whole new audience through the power of emulation. The ability to play Super Mario and Sonic on the go and at home. Relive those classics in all their glory or experience retro style gaming for the first time. No matter the reason, you can see the evolution of gaming and computing first hand. More than 30,000 games await to be played once again. Just remember "It's Dangerous To Go Alone," so let's get emulating.